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November 13-15 2018 Dubai World trade centre

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Business Matchmaking and exhibition connecting mena region buyers with eyewear and eye care industry


Matchmaking system to boost the business networking 

To guarantee the best ROI to our exhibitors and a real boost for their business networking, Dubai Optical Show Vision - X  will provide its exhibitor a matchmaking system to manage business appointments with selected hosted buyers.

Exhibitors can choose the buyers they would like to meet from a list that will show hosted buyers details and can decide when to meet them during the exhibition.

In the same way, selected hosted buyers will also be allowed to ask for appointments with exhibitors.
Exhibitors will get complete online and onsite support from the team to get maximum benefit from this system.

The programme offers qualified buyers complimentary hotel accommodation, host networking opportunities ensuring both parties make best use of their time during the show and increase productivity.

How it works,a quick overview 

Every Exhibitor & Selected Hosted buyers  gets a username and password to operate this online business program  

Exhibitors can search for registered Hosted buyers based on the their product categories

Selected Hosted buyer can search for Exhibitors based on product categories they are interested in

This is done through a sophisticated ‘Match Making System’ that connects Exhibitors and Hosted buyers 

Both Exhibitors & Hosted buyers  can request for appointments.

Exhibitors and Hosted buyers can connect with each other and block a time slot if they have a meeting scheduled at a that time

Exhibitors are guaranteed with genuine enquirers resulting in increased footfall and sales conversions at the same time improves the Hosted buyers experience that results in long term business relations.  

Its EASY to use and result oriented.  

If you wish to know more about the matchmaking program you can write to  

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